Our Service to You

Community Engangment

We are here to help those with different abilities develop creative and supportive community relationships. We will meet to set goals and develop strategies to accomplish them. 

Ideas of what we can do: Study for School, work out at the gym, go hiking, practice safe behavior, and just about anything you have for a goal. 

Sun-Sat 8am-8pm   Times may very

Respite In Community

We all need a break in our lives. We will take your loved one out in the community to do what they would like so you can take a break or catch up on things you need to do. 

Sun-Sat  8am-8pm  Times may very

Purchasing Goods and Services

Purchasing of Assistive Technology Goods, Specialized Equipment and Supplies, or Household Goods for Community Transition Services.  Assistance to set-up non-recurring expenses and to assist with purchasing necessary household goods/items.  

Private Pay Service 

Not everyone wants or has services with DDA. For those who need or want more services, we offer Private Pay.  This would be set up on a case by case basis.  

Community Engagement: $35

Respite in Community: $25

travel Mileage: $0.68 per mile

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